Global Youth Leadership

PACT Global Youth Leadership Summit: June 18 - 30, 2015

Four Regions (the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Los Angeles, CA and Uganda)
Teens (ages 16-17) three per region
Adults (ages 25+) one per region
U.S. Volunteer Hosts from Hawaii (ages 17+)
GYLS Camp Director


The Global Youth Leadership Summit (GYLS) is an expansion of Peace Action Children's Team and a progressive program for the future of PACT, on a more global scale. Each year our GYLS groups are hosted by American PACT volunteers, to bring together teen and adult participants from various regions such as the Balkans, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Israel/Palestine and Los Angeles, California. In 2013, we plan to include a group of former "child soldiers" from Uganda.

In 2015, each regional GYLS group will travel to the PACT camp site on the Croatia island of Korcula, to join up with other groups attending the program. The GYLS is generally  comprised of a multi-styled mixture of activities to fit a wide variety of working and learning styles. Activities include small and large group discussions, cross-cultural exchanges, experiential games, personal growth processes, and action-oriented group projects. This year, the GYLS program will also incorporate aspects of our new PACT SEAS, enhancing our other activities, as well as the enjoyment of the beautiful Adriatic coast!

Participants and Criteria for GYLS Selection:

American PACT volunteers generally host four participants from the various regions (listed above). Each region sends their participants, one adult (age 25+) and two or three teens (ages 16-17). Adult participants from these regions must already be working in some capacity with "at-risk" youth from areas of intolerance. The teen participants must be from the "at-risk" populations, and be responsible youth who are capable of cooperatively collaborating to develop this new phase of PACT programming. All participants must speak English fluently and be willing and able to actively engage in experiential activities, personal growth, and contribute thoughtfully to group discussions. All participants should be committed to pursuing and establishing this new venture, with an understanding that there will be an obligation to do a presentation, with the support of PACT, in their home communities.

We do not act alone in actualizing our international gathering of "peace ambassadors". Soledad Enrichment Action, working with youth who have experienced violence in the streets, sponsors teens from East Los Angeles to come together for the PACT Global Youth Leadership Summit. Opportunity Youth, working to mend the rift in Northern Ireland sponsor Catholic and Protestant youth to unite in this venture. Teachers Across Borders have supported a group of students and teachers in South Africa, to attend this unique global service learning opportunity. And One Voice in Israel and Palestine hope to collaborate in the future with PACT, to bring their teens from opposing view points, to share in discussions on conflict resolution. In 2015, PACT is pleased to add a new GYLS group of leaders and youth from Children of Peace Uganda.